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This year I started Badger PA Services, a small business helping authors via being a PA. I currently PA for, Thia Finn, Carson Mackenzie, Teigen Harper, Leah Negron, Cedar Rose, Sunny Mawson, Victoria J. Best, Robyn Peach, Carmen Richter, Elizabeth York, Elaine Marie & Andrea Marie

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From The Desk of JA Lafrance

I'd like to introduce my two amazing PA's. Jodi Ball and my sissypoo Leah Negron. Find out what I am up to by following one of my social media platforms.

Permenatly Free

The ECE & Her Billionaire Perma Free



Upcoming Announcements

Coming in 2021

Missing Lynx

Daddy Hop: A romantic short story

Justen's Mermaid

Rough In The Big Apple

Dark Dreams Next Year

Comes The Light

The Daughter & Her Athlete

Longroad Trucker

Scotia's Dream


VOTH: Pairs

MS Charity Anthology

A Badger Valley Christmas


Purgatory's Apostles Part 2 with Steven Evans

Cuffed for Pleasure with Michael Man

Guardian with Leah Negron Next Year

A Perilous State with Carson Mackenzie next year

Dark Secrets with Leah Negron Next Year

Plus many more to come including a few surprises.


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